Welcome to the local 2502 of TCU!




District 1 and District 2 if you are not sure about a union issue call your representatives. Also, use your entitlements to get paid. Call human resources and see if they will let you sell some of your sick days since you are not allowed to use them outright. Call FEMA. Call the food stamp office, call your mortgage company and go to the RRB website for unemployment information if you have been out of work for 7 or more days and have no entitlements to use. Blessings to all

 - Astrid Schettini-Rodriguez, President Local 2502



We are comprised of all clerical and baggage personnel working stations and facilities from Alexandria, VA. south to Miami, FL. and west to Atlanta, GA.


This site is to provide current information and to write to our members in local 2502. We encourage all members to browse this site as well as our grand lodge site.


Again, welcome and we hope that you learn something each time you visit.




"Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much." - Helen Keller







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